About us

About us

Kosova in EU (www.kosovain.eu)


"Kosova in EU" is a non-for profit NGO, established in Kosovo in year 2009, registered in the NGO liaison registration office near Ministry of Public Administration of Kosovo, with its main office in Prishtina. Part of the organization is online media www.kosovain.eu which focuses on news production, European Integrations, news from Kosovo, region and world etc.

The mission of organization is to promote professional and unbiased information of the opinion, civil society and all stakeholders, regarding the processes occurring in Kosovo.

The objectives of Kosova in EU organization are:

1.    Transparent, free and accurate information of Kosova citizens on the developments in Kosovo

2.    Enhance Kosovo citizens, focusing on youth, understanding and increase awareness of  the  EU integration processes and criteria

3.    Provide a sustainable monitoring system for public or investors benefit, including news reporting or thematic shows, reflecting different issues/sectors in Kosovo

Kosova in EU has implemented more than 10 projects as from its establishment focusing on:

1.    Medial presentation of economic image of Kosovo in web site of Kosova in EU  http://www.kosovain.eu/?cid=1,42 , presentation of economic resources of Kosovo for foreign investors, Economy news for Kosovar media, thousands of news and reports edited, in the field of economy and investments, yearly newspaper translated and published in English and delivered to the investors, a trustful source of information for economy is created.

2.    "Training of youth for finding of scholarships and studying in international globe wide countries ", over 6000 high school students are trained and provided with information about how to get scholarships and study in other countries, but Kosovo.

3.    Monitoring of all media in Kosovo and daily reporting in English language for different international companies.

4.    Preparation and transmission of weekly show of 30 minutes, with topics from European Integration. 52 shows lasting 30 minutes each are prepared and transmitted in RTK-Radio.

5.    Information campaign to encourage foreign investors to work in Kosovo, complete information campaign for foreign investors, including electronic news magazine in English, radio and audio spot, brochures, flyers etc.

Kosova in EU has an established structure of governance, as per its By-Laws: the highest governance body is the Board of Directors consisted of five members and has the highest responsibility for the decision making and approving of policies, operational plans, program and financial issues of the organization. Kosova in EU has already established and functional the statute/ by-laws, staff recruitment policies, accounting and financial policies and other regulations as required by the statute and laws in force in Kosova. Finances are actually registered in excel sheets but the system maintains them accurately as per donor and accounting code and are easily readable.

Actually, Kosova in EU has 4 full time staff members, Executive Director, Finance and Reporting Officer, Web site editor and journalist and 2 volunteers who support different projects as needed.

Kosova in EU has already developed the Mid Term Strategic Planning 2013/2016 and the annual working plan for year 2014.

Executive Director will be even the Project Manager, Naim Gashi a 14 years experienced journalist and project management. Mr. Gashi is Msc of Economics and has three certificates for media projects management from USAID, US Embassy in Pristine and European Commission in Kosovo. Gashi has been three years a lecturer in the Faculty of Economy in Prishtina and in March 2013 he has been awarded with the price "The most successful young manager" by the World Bank.

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