Thaçi and Abe Signed Declaration on Kosovo-Japan Cooperation

Posted in 15 April 2014

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The Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, during the meeting with his counterpart from Japan, Shinz? Abe, signed on Monday in Tokyo the Joint Declaration on cooperation between Kosovo and Japan, said the Government's Press Office, through a press release.

"The Joint Declaration on Cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and Japan aims strengthening of bilateral relations, economic development, cultural cooperation, promoting of business and the Euro-Atlantic future of Kosovo", said the press release.

The Prime Minister spoke about the conditions and facilities that provide Kosovo to the foreign investors, especially in the sectors of energy, mining and agriculture. He thanked the Japanese government for their contribution in the field of culture, especially in equipping Kosovo Philharmonic with highly modern instruments.

Thaçi went on saying that in the dialogue for normalization of interstate relations between Kosovo and Serbia has been created a new situation in the region and it might serve as a model among nations that have passed and actually are going through conflicts. He informed his counterpart that very soon he will establish the Parliamentary Caucus for Japan, which aims to promote the bilateral relations between the two countries.

At the end, Thaçi urged the Japanese Government to open the JICA office and about the opportunity of removing visas for Kosovo students and businessmen. (