Tariff is not obstacle for Haradinaj to meet American officials

Posted in 08 May 2019

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PM Ramush Haradinaj met with senior U.S. officials without revoking the tariff on the Serbian products. The National Iowa Guard Commander, Major General Timothy Orr, was for a farewell visit in Kosovo few months after the Government had refused to suspend the tariff on the Serbian goods. Americans had warned Kosovo leaders that this would have consequences for Kosovo Security Force, which is in the transition process to become an army.

However, Haradinaj refused that relationships with the U.S. have ever changed. "Our relations with the U.S. have never changed. These relationships have never been better. We are working on the fields of security, politics, economy, and others," Haradinaj said when asked about the visit of the delegation from Iowa.

Because of the tariff, Haradinaj was not given the U.S. visa for the Breakfast Prayer. Orr's visit to Kosovo was also cancelled on the eve of the 11th anniversary of Kosovo's independence.

The U.S. Embassy had confirmed that Orr's visit was cancelled because of the tariff imposed by Kosovo Government. Following yesterday's visit, the newspaper asked if these disagreements are over, but they did not respond.

In addition to Haradinaj, the delegation from Iowa met with President Hashim Thaçi and Assembly speaker Kadri Veseli, who have been requesting from the PM to suspend the tariff, as requested by the U.S.