Telecomm and Z-Mobile Agree on Postponement of Execution of Debt

Posted in 10 May 2019

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Following a long meeting between the management of Kosovo Telecomm and Z-Mobile in the premises of the Ministry of Economic Development, the parties agreed to postpone the deadline for execution of the payment to Z-Mobile, Koha Ditore reported on Thursday.

"Following the meeting, the parties agreed to make a plan for the payment of this debt by June 15. Thus, the negotiation teams will not discuss the payment," a press release issued by the Inter-Ministerial Committee for public companies, Kosovo Telecomm and Z-Mobile said.

"Telecom's CEO Bedri Istrefi and Besa Shatri, chairwoman of the Board, have promised to come up with a concrete plan for the payment of the debt to Z-Mobile according the verdict of the international arbitrage. Representatives of Z-Mobile have agreed with this proposal in order to give time to the Telecom and accepted the execution of the debt to be postponed until June 15," the press release said.