Vala comes with two new Internet packages

Posted in 19 June 2019

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Kosovo Telecom chief executive, Bedri Istrefi, has announced that for this summer season have launched two new Internet packages.

"This summer season will be even more favorable for all our customers' age groups, especially for compatriots, but also for vacationers who will select the Albanian coast. This is because all those who want to trust Vala's services will benefit extremely attractive offers in this tourist season, "Istrefi said.

"Kosovo Telecom as always, will continue to be as close to compatriots but also to all customers by providing quality products and fast internet. This summer for our customers we offer diaspora packages, which can be purchased easily, just by sending an sms, the price of which ranges from 3,00, 5,00, 10,00 and 15,00 euro, ranging from 2 to 15 GB. The specialty of these packages is that they contain internet on the Albanian coast, "Istrefi wrote in his Facebook account.

He said that these packages can be used by selecting mobile operators in Albania.

"To enjoy the best of your summer adventure in Albania, choose one of the Alb's Vala packages, taking advantage of the most favorable roaming tariffs. Innovation this summer is that you can use the packages by connecting with any of the operators in Albania. Pleasant vacation with Vala! "Wrote Istrefi.