Istrefi invite MPs to reflect positively on the situation in Telecom

Posted in 14 May 2019

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Chief of Telecom of Kosovo, Bedri Istrefi, said on Tuesday that since today the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo holds an extraordinary session, I invite all MPs to reach constructive debate and reflect positively on the situation in which Kosovo Telecom.

"I am also convinced that we will all be able to find the right solution for the problems that are accumulated, focusing rationally on the exit strategy," Istrefi said.

He said that during these days I have informed all the institutions of the country, including Prime Minister Haradinaj, MED, the Parliamentary Investigative Commission and deputies of various political parties about the current situation in Kosovo Telecom and the possibility of achieving sustainability and stability financial.

"Kosovo Telecom has given the state of Kosovo hundreds of millions of euros in the form of dividends over the years and now it is time for this public enterprise to get the deserved state support as it is a national strategic asset," Istrefi wrote in his profile on Facebook. (