No Taxes Are Paid in the Four Northern Municipalities, Tax Evasion Has Reached 80%

Posted in 13 May 2019

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Vice President of the Board of the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (OAK), Arsim Selmonmusaj, said on Saturday that the inspectors of Kosovo Tax Administration are not operating in the four municipalities in the northern part of Kosovo and this has affected the tax evasion rate there up to 80%.

"Tax evasion in the north has reached over 80 percent, because businesses and citizens in that part of the country are not paying taxes to the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. I call upon the Government and the Tax Administration to activate and not allow them to be challenged by some businesses, but to treat all businesses equally throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo," Selmonmusaj said.

He went on saying that businesses in the north are not equipped with fiscal cash registers and have no evidence from the inspectorate to track the circulation of goods.

Kosovo Customs spokesman Adriatik Stavileci said that various businesses in the north were caught trying to smuggle, through the mountainous roads, both from the northern part and from other parts.