Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly took Taylor Swift's virginity, and she was a mess about it

Posted in 21 February 2014

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Taylor Swift, 24, is the Miss Goodie Goodie of the pop community so when reports surfaced that the country singing star had given up her v-card for ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, 33, we could hardly believe it.

Radar Online is reporting that the Reading native had always planned to save her virginity for marriage, until she met that blue-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal. Back in 2010 the pair began seeing each other but kept their relationship hush hush for red carpets and other paparazzi-flooded affairs. In early 2011, they called it quits and Swift was the one damaged. Gyllenhaal, 29 at the time, wasn't into it anymore and could feel the age difference, but that didn't stop him from trying to get Swift, 21 at the time, in the sheets. "She thought she was going to marry Jake," a source told Radar, just after three months of dating.

After they had slept together, Swift threw herself a big 21st birthday bash at her family's estate in Nashville, TN and Gyllenhaal was a total no-show - no calls, no texts, no nothing. Taylor was hoping for a surprise but that led to disappointment quickly and she ended up locking herself in the bathroom and cried all evening. Sources says she's still hung up on Jake.

The positive came when Swift used the big breakup as the main inspiration for her Grammy-nominated, fourth studio album, Red. "Her breakup with Jake inspired every word of RED," the source told Radar. (