When is Terminator 6 out? UK release date, cast, plot, trailer, pictures and working title

Posted in 02 August 2018

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TERMINATOR 6 has just released its first picture to hype up hopefully a return to form for the popular long-running sci-fi franchise.

The cast will blend a mix of new faces and old favourites but when is the release date and what's it about? Here's all you need to know...

Production on the currently-untitled sixth instalment only got underway in June, therefore, an official trailer is yet to be released.

Franchise creator James Cameron is back on board as executive producer however original Deadpool director Tim Miller is the one tasked with helming the film.

Terminator 6 is set to be a reboot of sorts for the franchise, disregarding the events in every sequel since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Who's in the cast?

Linda Hamilton makes her long-awaited return to the iconic role of Sarah Connor, nearly 30 years after she last stepped into the role.

Joining her in the lead roles are Natalie Reyes and Blade Runner actress MacKenzie Davis.

Agents of Shield star Gabriel Luna has been cast as a new Terminator for the upcoming film.

Legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been confirmed to be part of the new film but his role as of yet has not been confirmed.