Kim Kardashian named 'most dangerous' star to search for online in UK

Posted in 02 October 2018

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A cyber security firm has issued a list of celebs whose names generate the riskiest search results, exposing fans to hackers.

Bad news for those who like to Keep Up With The Kardashians - reality star Kim is breaking the internet once again after being named the most dangerous celeb in UK cyber space.

Kardashian replaces singer Craig David at the top of an annual list of risky celebrities to search for by McAfee, meaning you might want to think twice before clicking on any old link to see what she's up to.

The cyber security firm measures how many online search results featuring a star's name contain links to potentially malicious websites used by hackers.

Big sister Kourtney also featured on the list, at number three, with supermodel Naomi Campbell placed second, chart-topper Adele fourth and Love Island host Caroline Flack completing the top five.

Cyber criminals are known to use celebrity names to try to trick internet users into clicking on links which lead to sites used to install malware or steal personal information and passwords, McAfee said.

McAfee fellow and chief scientist Raj Samani said: "We live in a fast-paced world that's heavily influenced by pop culture and social media, with endless opportunities to pick and choose which entertainment options we prefer to enjoy from a variety of connected devices.

"Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most famous women in the world, so it does not surprise me that she has topped this year's list.

"Often consumers put speed and convenience over security by clicking on suspicious links that promise content featuring our favourite celebrities, such as our favourite movies, TV shows or pictures."