Hyseni: We Will Send to Europe Messages of Determination in Combating Corruption

Posted in 14 April 2015

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Internal Affairs Minister, Skënder Hyseni, said on Monday that the priority of the Government is the fight against corruption, and soon we will send serious messages to Europe in combating of this phenomenon, reported Kosova in EU correspondent.

"We will work hard to combat this phenomenon and to send to Europe messages of determination in combating corruption. Will do everything possible to achieve tangible results regarding the fight against corruption, in the shortest time possible", said Hyseni.

He went on saying that we can't address the economic problems unless we manage strengthening of the private sector, encouragement of foreign investments and creation of a safe environment for business. "Essential prerequisites to achieve this is prevention of investors to face with corruption efforts in the first step of introduction with Kosovo", said Hyseni. (