Women in decision-making discussed as part of Global Open Day debate

Posted in 05 April 2019

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Ardian Arifaj, advisor to President Hashim Thaci, said at a discussion on the anniversary of the UN SC resolution 1325 on women, peace and security organised as part of the UN Global Open Day that statistics about women in decision-making posts are not accurate. He said that President Thaci does have a woman advisor in his team but that she does not get paid through the Kosovo budget and therefore is not part of the statistics. He also said a woman did lead Kosovo negotiations in the past and Kosovo had a female president.

At the same time, Igballe Rogova from the Kosovo Women Network said that it was "disgusting" that the negotiating team for dialogue with Serbia consists only of men. She said she feared the same picture would also be at the Assembly of Kosovo were it not for the gender quotas.

Naim Rashiti from the Balkans Policy Group said the gender quota should be increased and applied in all institutions not only the Assembly while Tatjana Lazarevic from the Serbian-language portal KoSSev spoke of the challenges she faces in her daily life not only as a woman and a journalist but also as a member of the Serb community.

Global Open Day, organised by the UN and EU in Kosovo, offers a platform where the women's voices can be heard and provides an opportunity to review the implementation of UN SC resolution 1325.