U.S.: Kosovo-Serbia agreement to end in mutual recognition

Posted in 07 May 2019

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Officials from the U.S. Embassy in Pristina told the paper that they support the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, facilitated by the EU, and that the process should end in full normalisation of relations through mutual recognition. The statement comes as a response to the question of whether the U.S. plans to get involved in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

"Any agreement reached in the framework of the dialogue needs to be acceptable for both sides," the U.S. Embassy said adding that the final agreement would also have to be enforceable, sustainable and contribute to regional stability. "The immediate goal is not to determine the outcome of negotiations, but for parties to remove barriers and return to the negotiating table," the Embassy noted.

Most recently, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci said that the EU was unable to push things forward with the U.S. involvement. "There can be no dialogue, no negotiations, without the role of the U.S. The EU is too weak and not united to move forward things in the Western Balkans," Thaci said.