Chabert: Kosovo cannot afford to remain in 'status quo'

Posted in 13 May 2019

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French Ambassador to Kosovo Didier Chabert said he considers the tax on Serbian products to be an obstacle to the dialogue as well as violation of the free trade agreement, CEFTA, reported Koha Ditore.

Chabert said an agreement with Serbia would have to enable Kosovo's full international integration, including UN membership while with regards to the border change option, Chabert said that if Kosovo does not want such a scenario, it can simply refuse to negotiate it or make sure the Assembly rejects such a deal.

Speaking about the recent Berlin summit co-hosted by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Emmanuel Macron, Chabert said that France and Germany have demonstrated their readiness to facilitate in resumption of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia but that to work, this requires serious commitment from the two sides.

"It is up to Kosovo and Serbia as two sovereign countries to decide. Kosovo could gain a great deal from an agreement for normalisation of relations with Serbia which could lead to its full international integration. 11 years from the declaration of independence, the country is not yet member of the United Nations and cannot hope to gain a candidate status for European Union because of five non-recognising countries. in today's fast-moving world, a country that does not progress, lags behind and Kosovo cannot afford to remain in the current status quo," Chabert said.