Weber: Berlin Summit happened in order to take dialogue away from Mogherini

Posted in 16 May 2019

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Expert of Western Balkans affairs Bodo Weber spoke about the events at the Berlin Summit, which took place at the end of April, RTK portal reported.

According to Weber, the Berlin Summit happened in order for Germany and France to agree for elimination once forever of the border correction idea, which was presented by Thaçi and Vucic.

Weber says that the deadlock in the dialogue has happened as a consequence of politically irresponsible actions by Federica Mogherini and her team, about the territory exchange idea and the decision on tariff.

He added that at the Berlin Summit it had been planned to drown the idea of border correction along ethnic lines.

"Berlin and Paris tried to agree on a joint policy," Weber said, wrote, Gazeta Express reported.

He highlighted that Merkel and Macron took this initiative, in order to take the dialogue from Mogherini's hands.

"Thus, the key Member States took away control from Mogherini's team, who led the process in an unprecedented manner," Weber added.

In addition, criticism about the way how Mogherini led the Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia has been addressed by Florian Bieber, a historian.

Recently, he said that Federica Mogherini lost her credibility by allowing the border correction idea to be put at the negotiation table.