Prosecution Urges the Law on the Origin of Property

Posted in 14 April 2015

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Special Prosecutor, Besim Kelmendi, said on Monday that without obligation to reveal the origin of the property, the relevant authorities on fighting the corruption can't carry out their work, reported Kosova in EU.

"We hope that the Government of Kosovo and the Kosovo Parliament will help us bring a new law, or change the current laws in order not to let the burden of proof only on the prosecution and the police, but to let it to the reveal of the origin of property, which should be part of the suspects, too", said Kelmendi.

He went on saying that every senior official, working anywhere, should be obliged to tell the origin of the property, especially if he is suspected of an offense of corruption.

"Without having this obligation, it would be very difficult to verify the origin of the assets of those persons who are suspicious, even for the police, the prosecution and other Kosovo institutions that deal with combating of corruption", said Kelmendi, on the promotion of the project to effectively combat corruption. (kosovain.eu)