Fajon expects EC report on visas for Kosovo be published before summer break

Posted in 12 July 2018

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Tanja Fajon, the European Parliament rapporteur on visa liberalisation for Kosovo, said that she expects the European Commission report on whether Kosovo has fulfilled all the criteria on visa liberalisation, be published before summer break. Media have reported that the EC is delaying publication of the report due to be published in June.

In an interview with Gazeta Express, Fajon said she expects the EC to publish its assessment on visas in due time. "I wish to see it before the summer break," Fajon said. She said that as soon as the EC publishes the report, The European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) will acct "immediately". Waiting for the European Commission recommendation the EP Committee has on 10 July removed from the agenda a scheduled discussion on visa liberalisation. But this was removed after the Commission has not published its assessment. "As a Rapporteur I will try to ensure a solid support in the European Parliament. I remain fully committed to continue my work for visa liberalization for Kosovo. It is important for Kosovo citizens, our political and economic cooperation, people to people's contacts," Fajon told Gazeta Express.

"In the meantime, we need to continue hard work and dialogue between all responsible actors; in Kosovo and in the EU. It is a long and demanding process," she said. "Therefore, It's of crucial importance Kosovo continues the implementation of the criteria on the ground," Fajon stated.  According to EP Rapporteur on visas for Kosovo, a final decision will be in the hands of the governments of the EU and the EP needs to make sure that Kosovo is truly ready to abolish visas for its citizens.