Thaci's unconstitutional idea for 'border adjustment'

Posted in 07 August 2018

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The paper reports on the front page that the idea presented by President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci for the so-called border adjustment is in violation to article 1 of the Constitution of Kosovo which stipulates that Kosovo "shall have no territorial claims against, and shall seek no union with, any State or part of any State."

Thaci's Office however is aware of this and its chief of staff, Bekim Collaku, said that in case agreement with Serbia is reached on Presevo Valley joining Kosovo, the Constitution of Kosovo will naturally have to be amended. "Anyone who can read and write is aware of this. Furthermore, anyone that has basic knowledge knows that the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo will have to be changed if such a peaceful agreement is reached," Collaku told the paper. He said the Constitution of Kosovo has so far been amended several times for what he said were issues of lesser importance and that this is the least worry in the context of dialogue with Serbia.