Political parties in FYROM against division of Kosovo

Posted in 07 August 2018

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Political parties in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) object the possibility of division of Kosovo, respectively change of the borders between Kosovo and Serbia. The greatest governing political party, LSDM, defends the principal of no change of the borders and good neighborly relations.

"Only in this manner the region can move forward towards development and prosperity which is in interest of all citizens" responded this political party. The Albanian political party, which is also part of the governing coalition, BDI, considers that such issues should not even be discussed, as the region is in a good path of integration in Euro-Atlantic structures.

"President Ahmet made several statements with regards to the imposed matter of change of the borders, saying that the region is in the right path of peace, security, stability, Euro-Atlantic integration and economic development. Therefore, such scenarios that could induce a domino-affect in the entire region, should not be part of public discourse," was said in the statement of this political party.