Kosovo to ban denial of war crimes

Posted in 12 April 2019

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The Kosovo government decided on Thursday to introduce a law to punish the denying of war crimes and ordered the Justice Ministry to draft it, reported electronic media.

The proposal to draft the law came from deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj who said that Serb politicians were trying to hide the truth and deny war crimes committed by Serbia against the civilian population, adding that "the discourse used by Serb politicians is unacceptable".

Hoxhaj said that the dismissed Minister Ivan Todosijevi? was not the first to deny war crimes, adding that similar statements came from other Serb List ministers who enjoy the support of Serbian President Aleksandar Vu?i? and government in Belgrade.

Todosijevi? told a gathering on the 20th anniversary of the NATO campaign against former Yugoslavia that the humanitarian catastrophe that caused the Alliance to launch air strikes was fabrication by Albanian terrorists.

Hoxhaj also called for a ban on any form of glorification of then FRY President Slobodan Miloševi? and his associates who were convicted for war crimes by a UN Tribunal.