Adriana Hodzic appointed new Minister of Local Governance in Kosovo

Posted in 15 April 2019

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Kosovo's Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj has appointed on Friday the Dead of Administration at the Northern Municipality of Mitrovica, Adriana Hodzic as new Minister of Local Governance, KAG correspondent reported.

"Today I have appointed new Minister of Local Governance Adriana Hodzic, aiming to empower women in decision-making as well as strengthen ethnic communities' representation. Adriana has shown great commitment to public service & expect we will jointly advance Gov priorities", Haradinaj said.

Her appointment in this post comes following the decision of the head of the government to fire her predecessor, Ivan Teodosijevic for "the use of hate speech and unacceptable statements".

Dismissing the "so-called humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo" of the late-1990s, he called the infamous Reçak massacre of 1999 "fabricated", and said: "Albanian terrorists are the ones who made all this up and committed the biggest crimes in Kosovo".

Serbian officials strongly backed the sacked minister and repeated the same allegation. Meanwhile, two weeks ago the PM also fired deputy minister of Justice, Vesna Mikic.