Haradinaj: Border correction idea wasted previous time

Posted in 16 April 2019

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Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj said yesterday that the discussion on border correction idea has wasted a lot of time for the EU and the Balkans.

Attending a commemoration event in Lipjan municipality, Haradinaj was asked to comment on the statement of the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn that he didn't rule out the border correction idea if the two sides agree to it.  Haradinaj said an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia could have been achieved if too much time and effort was not wasted on talks about border correction. He blamed Commissioner Hahn and the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini for this: "A statement that leaves open the possibility of discussing the border and territory is a continuation of the wrong politics by outgoing Europeans," he said.

As to whether he would accept an agreement with Serbia if such were to be put on the table during the upcoming meeting in Berlin, Haradinaj said he has no mandate to negotiate a deal and that this power has been entrusted to the Kosovo Negotiating Team.

On Twitter, Haradinaj also spoke about Commissioner Hahn's interview: "Revisiting the ill-advised idea of land swap by @JHahnEU in @washingtonpost today, just days before the #Berlin meeting, is a hopeless & destructive attempt to force it through the back door." Earlier, he wrote: "#Kosovo Gov & its people hold high hopes that #EU capitals' leadership will strongly reject calls for new tragedies in the #Balkans & are truly committed to reach a final peace & reconciliation settlement with #Serbia."

Later in the day while speaking at a ceremony marking the anniversary of Zhegoc battle, Haradinaj said that the opening of the border issue would also open the "unresolved" issue of Albanians in the Balkans. "Everyone should realise, all the international officials, that opening of the borders would also open the unresolved issue of Albanians in the Balkans. If they are ready to open this issue, we will open it, but if not, we cannot go on making statements like the one we heard today from Commissioner Hahn," Haradinaj said.