Thaci meets Tusk and Hahn, calls for visa liberalisation

Posted in 16 April 2019

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Kosovo President Hashim Thaci met on Monday in Brussels with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, to discuss the political situation, the European perspective, visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens and the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, the news website reports.

Thaci thanked Tusk for the support the European Union has given to Kosovo in the last two decades. Thaci added that the region is faced with a difficult status quo that is slowing down many processes. "The resolution of all disputes between Western Balkans states, and a clarity, dynamic and greater commitment by the EU for the perspective of the Western Balkans, would be the best response to this stagnation," he added.

Thaci said that Kosovo has met all the visa liberalization requirements and that delays in the process are meaningless and unacceptable, regardless of continuous justifications by the EU and its member states. Thaci also said that Brussels and the West are the sole strategic orientation of Kosovo.

Thaci met later on with the EU Commissioner Enlargement Johannes Hahn. They discussed visa liberalization, dialogue for normalization of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia as well as EU membership perspective for Kosovo and Western Balkans states. Thaci said on this occasion that lack of a clear perspective for integration is creating space for dangerous anti-European ideologies in the region. "Kosovo citizens as the most pro-European nation, have started to lose their patience. A decision on visas this year and a pledge for new dynamics of European integration would return the lost trust on the European Union," Thaci reportedly said.

The also discussed the necessity of overcoming disagreements among Western Balkans countries and a reach of a comprehensive agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.