Haradinaj: We should not keep the border topic alive

Posted in 24 April 2019

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Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj raised the need on Tuesday to close the topic of "correction" of the border between Kosovo and Serbia. However, he said it is not against the process of dialogue between the two countries being facilitated by Federica Mogherini, although she is in favour of any solution agreed by Prishtinë/Pristina and Belgrade, even if it affects the borders.

Prime Minister stated this after the Government's meeting.

"I have no objections as to who leads it. My objections are related to the principles of Dialogue. We were not against its leading by the EU High Representative, Mrs Mogherini, but what we were against was the deviation of Dialogue. Instead of talking about the recognition, because this is the topic that has remained unresolved, the discussions on borders and territories returned to Dialogue," said Prime Minister Haradinaj.

"So, this is the objection. It does not have to do with the person. It has to do with the matter. The matter was discussed misguidedly," he underlined.

The Dialogue facilitated by Mogherini is in a deadlock for months now. Serbia has decided not to take part in it for as long as Kosovo Government does not rescind the 100 percent tariff imposed on products of Serbian origin.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Tuesday that the red line of the state she represents is utterly this tariff.