Srpska Lista's problems with certification for elections

Posted in 24 April 2019

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The Central Election Commission (CEC) failed to complete the certification of political parties to take part in extraordinary elections in the four northern municipalities of Kosovo.

Although members of the CEC voted on the recommendation of the Office for Political Party Registration and Certification (OPPRC) for PDK and LVV candidates, they did not act the same with candidates of Srpska Lista (SL). This happened because representatives of Vetëvendosje Movement in this institution stated that they will not vote for the certification of SL until the latter distances itself from the content of letters of former Serb mayors referring to Kosovo with the term "Kosovo and Metohija".

They also demanded that Srpska Lista candidates pledge that they will not resign in case of re-election and offer evidence that they will respect the legal and constitutional order in Kosovo.

But other members of the CEC said that Srpska Lista should be certified as the OPPRC reached to the conclusion that SL has met all the required criteria. As an outcome of the disagreements on this issue, at the proposal of LDK member Florian Dushi, members of the CEC took a 10-minute break for consultations, but the consultations lasted about an hour.