Merkel and Macron Unique on Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia

Posted in 30 April 2019

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emanuel Macron, hosts of the Berlin Summit with Balkan countries, said on Monday that the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia should not trigger tensions in the region, online media reported, adding that opinion-makers in Prishtina read this as an objection to the proposal that agreement between the two countries to be based on the principle of territorial exchange.

No tangible agreement has been reached in the Berlin Summit, but the parties all agreed to hold another summit in July 01 of this year.

Merkel said the recent breakthrough in a long-running conflict between Greece and Macedonia over the smaller country's name could serve as a model for resolving Serbia and Kosovo's thorny dispute.

"We agreed to this joint initiative because we are committed to the European perspective of the Western Balkans countries," said Merkel, flanked by Macron, referring to the prospect of closer relations with the EU bloc saying: "it's in Europe's interest to have positive development in this region".

Macron and Merkel emphasised that EU membership prospects were not on the agenda in Berlin but remained in the hands of the European Commission.