Moscow Appalled over Obama's Statement on Kosovo

Posted in 31 March 2014

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The authorities in Moscow are astonished by U.S. President Barack Obama's claim that the decision to declare Kosovo independence was taken in a referendum held with the approval of the United Nations and neighbouring countries, B92 reported, referring to Itar Tas.

On March 26, Obama gave a 40-minute speech in front of about 2,000 guests at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, accusing Russia of twisting facts concerning the Crimea issue when it said Kosovo's 2008 declaration of independence was a precedent.

"NATO only intervened after the people of Kosovo were systematically brutalized and killed for years. Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum was organized - not outside the boundaries of international law but in careful cooperation with the United Nations, and with Kosovo's neighbours", went on saying Obama.

"None of that even came close to happening in Crimea," said the U.S. President, stating that Russia's leaders defend their actions claiming that Kosovo is a precedent and an example of Western interference in the internal matters of a small country.

"This claim on the part of the U.S. President cannot but cause astonishment since there was no plebiscite in Kosovo, let alone a plebiscite coordinated with the international community", said the news agency ITAR TAS, citing the Russian Foreign Ministry, said B92. (