Thaçi- Vuçiq expect nothing- meeting may have different goal

Posted in 12 April 2019

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Another motive may be hiding behind the German-French invitation to Serb and Albanian leaders to gather in Berlin under the slogan of cooperation in the region, reported on Thursday Ve?ernje Novosti.

"This motive could be to exert pressure on Belgrade to agree to continue the dialogue with Pristina, without Pristina abolishing its taxes on Serbian products first. Some diplomatic circles are saying this, as well as those who spoke for the Belgrade newspaper to interpret the engagement of the Berlin-Paris axis in resolving key issues in the Western Balkans, primarily in the revival of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina", reported Ve?ernje Novosti.

Anther Belgrade-based daily, Srpski Telegraf, Berlin and Paris "have a strategy to round off Kosovo's independence at all costs, with negligible concessions to Serbs, thus preventing the implementation of US President Donald Trump's plan to partition Kosovo".

"Pressure from Germany and France has intensified lately. They are asking Belgrade to give in, resume the dialogue, and sign a comprehensive agreement with Pristina to recognize Kosovo. In return, an entity with a similar status to the Serb Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina would be formed in northern Kosovo," an unnamed source told the newspaper.