Cakaj-Dacic confrontation in Warsaw

Posted in 15 April 2019

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During the Warsaw Ministerial meeting, the Albanian acting Foreign Minister, Gent Cakaj, exchanged words with his Serbian counterpart, Ivica Dacic, regarding Kosovo.

Dacic asked that the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, should not be part of the meeting. Then he left the room.

Cakaj intervened in this moment and said: "I know that you are hearing me, that's why I am talking to you. Dacic's speech was a rhetoric of the past century, completely senseless. Dacic has been in politics for 28 years. I have 28 years of life and because of him these 28 years have been as an emigrant".

Dacic tried to respond, but the meeting organizer didn't allow the speech.