Vucic: Kosovo will gain independence over its entire territory

Posted in 06 May 2019

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday that Kosovo would gain its independence and sovereignty over its entire territory, not because he will recognise it, but because his solution was not adopted, not going into detail as to what the solution was and who he offered it to, reported Beta news agency.

"What we offered was rejected because of immense pressure from some countries and their intelligence agencies which launched massive operations across different countries ranging from political, media to kinds of operations", Vucic said.

Asked about the announced decision on Belgrade's countermeasures to Pristina introducing taxes on goods from central Serbia, and about early parliamentary elections in Serbia, the president said that he was "thinking about this every day."

According to him, there was a fierce campaign against the possibility of a compromise through delineation - both by some abroad and at home - "because they wanted an independent Kosovo throughout its territory."

"All those who created an independent Kosovo, while there was talk about delineation pretended to be ignorant, because they did not want to say they are in favor of all of Kosovo independent from Serbia. Rada Trajkovi? stands for that, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and everyone else," said Vucic.