Thaçi: Berlin Summit Failed because There Was No Coordination with USA

Posted in 10 May 2019

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On the eve of Regional Leaders Summit in Tirana, President Hashim Thaçi in an interview with Ora television in Albania said on Thursday that Berlin Summit failed, since there was no co-ordination with the U.S.

"I was terrified when I was informed that there was no information and communication with the US about the Berlin Summit. There is no success, there, where USA is missing, there is no progress, there is no security either for dialogue, negotiations and any implementation," Thaçi said.

Thaçi attended the Brdo-Brijuni Summit hosted by Albanian President Ilir Meta. He said that Kosovo Government's decision to introduce tariffs on Serbian goods was a just decision and said that the tariff will not be revoked.

Thaçi called as good news engagement of Germany and France to solve Kosovo-Serbia issue. However, he said that during the Berlin Summit it was proved that the EU is weak and not united to impose a solution in Kosovo-Serbia relations.

Thaçi continues backing his idea on correction of border with Serbia, namely unification of Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc with Kosovo territory, a proposal which, according to media and analysts, was opposed by Germany and France during the Berlin Summit last month.

During his stay to Tirana, Thaçi met the High Representative Mogherini "with whom they talked about the European perspective of Kosovo and the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue," the Office of the President said.